Hello 2021

While every New Year brings the promise of better things, I can safely say that having 2020 in our rear view mirror brings to mind the saying "things couldn't get much worse".  2020 was a horrible year for every community we serve.  All around us are examples of our community members suffering though what 2020 given us.  Good riddance 2020.

Hello 2021!  We have many things to be grateful for and to look forward to.

Incredibly, the medical community has managed to develop vaccines that will keep us all safe.  Our local medical communities have done incredible jobs of tending to our sick and vulnerable and we've all come to realize how important our local Health Units are in keeping us safe.  Thank goodness for them.

Thank goodness also for our staff who have worked tirelessly through crazy times. Early on we weren't certain what was the best course of action other than to lock the doors and keep each other safe while still serving the community we've built over the last 23 years.  In those 23 years I can honestly say it was the best business decision I've ever made.

I can safely say that we will not open to the public until our local Health Unit declares that the Pandemic is under control, likely through widespread vaccination.  Realistically, this is not likely to happen until late in the Autumn.  We are very pleased that our customers have embraced ordering Online, many for the very first time!  Every time we see familiar names come across the screen, we are reminded of how much we miss seeing everyone, and are grateful to still be a part of your coffee routine.

We are absolutely dedicated to Safely serving you through Secure Contactless Pick Up or Free Local Contactless Delivery and promise that when this is all over, we will host a coffee event to celebrate our customers and community.

Stay Safe!