New Secure Pick Up Chat Bot

We have all been living with the spectre of covid-19 hanging above us for months now and we understand that many of you are eager to return to normal.  We are eager too, but not convinced that the threat is gone.  

We are committed to operating under restricted conditions for the foreseeable future but have been working on ways to make the process smoother.

We have built a chatbot to communicate with customers arriving to Pick Up their order.  When you arrive at our Roastery you will notice two large signs directing you to text a greeting to a designated phone number.  You will need your 6-digit order number and the first name of the person who placed the order.  Once that information is relayed, we will bring your order out to the designated retrieval spot and you can collect your order.

We have built this chatbot because we are preparing for the return of heavy restrictions and to continue to provide Safe and Secure supply of Kingstons best, freshest coffee under any circumstances.