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Signing Up For Loyalty Rewards




Signing up for Loyalty Rewards is easy!  Follow these instructions and you'll be well on your way to receiving a Discount Code for $10 at .


  1. Go to and select "North Roast Rewards” tab at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Select "Create Store Account to Join"
  3. Fill in the information including a valid email address.  The email address is the most important piece of information since it is where your rewards will be sent.
  4. Select "Create"
  5. You are now registered for Loyalty Rewards and you will receive a welcome bonus of 100 beans!
  6. Now every time you make a purchase, indicate your email address and your purchase will be credited to your Loyalty Account.  Welcome!



*You need to write down or remember the LOGIN information for this account because you must check you points balance to redeem rewards.

If you forget your password, there is a “FORGOT PASSWORD” option from the login page.

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