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Drink Fresh Coffee! – North Roast Coffee Roaster
Drink Fresh Coffee!

Drink Fresh Coffee!

I am motivated to post this after noticing a local business advertising coffee as "The World's Finest Fair Trade Coffee".  Curious, I sought to uncover who roasted the coffee, when it was roasted, any details about the origins, package date...any of the factors which would support a claim of "World's Finest Coffee".  Sadly, the coffee in question had almost no information, although it did have a nice bag with colourful labels.  Great coffee isn't roasted hundreds of miles away, months ago, in some industrial factory, or sketchy back's roasted locally, or shipped directly to the end user, within days of roasting, with a roasting date that you are proud of.  We pride ourselves on only selling fresh coffee, on limiting how much customers order so they frequently restock with fresh coffee, and provide maximum transparency to the end user.  If you want to see your coffee roasted, come out to our Roastery on Progress Avenue and you can have an impromptu tour and experience the noise, aromas and bustle of fresh coffee roasting.  Drink Fresh Coffee!
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