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For the first post on our new e-commerce site we're going to take some time to boast.  First, we are very proud of the simple elegance and functionality of the site, foregoing typical textual overload, and instead choosing to let the products speak for themselves.

Second, our pricing, from the transparent Wholesale Certified Fair Trade Organic Coffee, the further discount code on orders over $100 and the accurate discounted shipping rates guarantee you save EVERY penny possible.  Simply copying the posted discount rate from our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/FairtradeWholesale , or our @MultatuliCoffee twitter feed at the bottom of every page on our website will save every customer a further 37% on orders over $100, something easily accessible to small purchasing groups and offices.  Compare these coffees online currently where they sell for $15++, with no ability to access any discounts.


Next, offering our coffee in 340g/ 12 oz cans fitted with a tare top valve delivers a product that travels well, becomes its own resealable air tight storage container, and is a perfect size so that small buying groups, Specialty Food Stores and Fundraisers can access the deep discounts of our Wholesale pricing.  These cans are wrapped in a Craft label printed locally on a traditional letterset press.  This type of packaging is PERFECT for Private Labelling for small cafes, special events or fundraisers.

Last, offering our coffee in 2250g/ 5lb valved bags meets the needs of larger customers such as Cafe's, Restaurants, Natural Food Stores and independent grocers who typically  consume larger quantities of coffee per week.  

While we offer everything any cafe would need at our Roastery on Progress Avenue, online we are only going to offer products WE produce ourselves, great coffee.  We hope you love our coffee, save plenty of money, and tell all your friends.



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Micro Lot Coffee Limited Release

Guatemala Fraijanes Agua Tibia

Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Heirloom

Brazil Heirloom Pink Bourbon

India Monsoon Malabar

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