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CAF•FEINE Update for our Generous Customers

CAF•FEINE Update for our Generous Customers

Everyone here at North Roast Coffee want to thank our generous customers who have donated Loyalty Rewards Points and Pounds to support Canadian Armed Forces Members Serving Overseas.

To date we've donated over 250 pounds to remind service members that we appreciate their sacrifice and dedication to representing Canada's interests overseas.

Below I've compiled some of the Thank You Comments we've received from grateful recipients of your generosity.  Read on and know that your donations are making a real difference to our friends, family and neighbours serving overseas!

Special thanks to the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre for coordinating all of the shipments and making sure all donations are safely delivered to our CAF Members overseas!

• . I would like to send along my Thanks to you for this amazing initiative and to your customers who have donated their points in support of deployed members of the Canadian Armed Forces .  The members of Operation IMPACT stationed in Kuwait really appreciate this kind gesture and opportunity to enjoy a GREAT cup of coffee, which is no doubt roasted to perfection and tastes Great.   

 Thank you and your customers for being Great Canadians.

 I have included a photo for your use

• . Greetings from Camp Adazi, Latvia!   May I extend my sincere thanks for the package North Roast Coffee which you recently sent to us.  I have distributed it amongst the Canadian troops here, and it has been received most happily by all!

 With many thanks,

 Chaplain, Task Force Latvia / enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia

Canadian Armed Forces

• . I wanted to let you know that the 60 bags of coffee have now been sent and distributed between the following operations;


  •         Operation Reassurance (Latvia)
  •         Operation Reassurance (Latvia Headquarters)
  •         Operation Impact (Lebanon)
  •         Operation Impact (Jordan)        
  •         Operation Impact (Kuwait)

 As always, thank you for this wonderful initiative, and the points of contact I have used at these different missions are very excited and looking forward to receiving the coffee shipment and will share with all the CAF members in their area.



• . We received and are using the coffee that Jeff delivered to us. A couple of pictures attached.

 Coffee is always much appreciated.


 A.D. (Dale) 

PSP Morale & Welfare Manager

Operational Support Hub South West Asia


Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services


• . Good Morning,

 I wanted to let you know that we have received your parcel, we wanted to say thank you for the coffee and the support that you have provided us I know that all the members of our team appreciate the gesture.

 Dave , MMM, CD

MWO/Adjum (OR-8)


• . Good Day,

 Currently I am deployed with the Signals Detachment in Taji, Iraq in support of the Impact – Training Coordination Unit Headquarters (ITCU HQ). When I am back home and working in Canada I am a member of the Canadian Forces Joint Signals Regiment (CFJSR) in Kingston.  I recently received a package from CWO XXXX; a wonderful gift of coffee from yourself and the North Roast Coffee company in Kingston as part of their CAF*FEINE program.


Within our office space here, we house the coffee maker that most people frequent throughout the day, so this was the perfect gift.  On behalf of the Signals Detachment (Det) here, I would like to express our most sincere gratitude for this package, and also a very big thank you to North Roast Coffee for their generous gift.  This is an amazing program and just receiving the coffee and the story that came with it during the Holiday Season has spread joy around the camp - never mind how happy we were once we actually started drinking it.

 Attached are a few picture of our deployed team; one of the Signals Det and one of the entire ITCU HQ.  I would simply like to send a very big thank you on behalf of our team here. You have made our Holiday Season brighter, one sweet cup of CAF*FEINE at a time!

 Happy New Year!!

 Sgt Cory

 CIS S6-2, ITCU HQ, Taji

Canadian Armed Forces







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