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Coffee Porter Collaboration!

Coffee Porter Collaboration!

We've been asked to work with brewers before, using coffee as a component in a craft beer.  To be honest, the results weren't great...until we worked with King's Town Beer Company!

When Mike (the Brew Master) at King's Town said he was creating a Coffee Porter I was intrigued and hoping for the best.  The opportunity to combine my two favourite beverages was not something to be ignored.  For our part we brewed an extra strong batch of our Cold Brew Coffee, and delivered 32 litres of thick concentrate that was rich and chocolatey and loaded with caffeine.  Then we handed our sweet black nectar off to King's Town to do their thing.

While I'm not qualified to speak about craft beer brewing, I am qualified through years of careful sipping on quality beer every now and then, to declare this batch of Coffee Porter to be the best I've tasted, period.  The flavour of coffee is derived 100% from our Fair Trade Organic concentrate, with no artificial flavouring. 

I encourage our loyal customers who are known to tip one every now and then, to make their way over to King's Town Beer Company on Arlington Park Place and grab the best Coffee Porter you are likely ever to taste.


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