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The Summer of Aeropress

The Summer of Aeropress

Those in the know recognize the Aeropress Brewer as one of the best ways to make coffee at home or on the road.  The "dwell time" or time the ground coffee is in contact with the water, "turbulence" or the vigour with which you stir the brewing coffee, the simplicity of forcing the coffee and water under pressure through a filter to produce and intense brew, and the ease in cleaning all make the Aeropress a barista favourite.

Better still, the BPA free plastic is the most easily transported brewing method, perfect for the cottage, road trips or a camping get away.  We have many many military members who pack the Aeropress on field exercises and any serious backcountry hiker or canoeist knows it is virtually unbreakable.

Priced at a very modest $45.00, the Aeropress goes perfectly with our Espresso Blend or any of the Manual Brew coffees specifically blended for use in Manual Brewing devices.

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