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Two Awesome New Items

Two Awesome New Items

Diner Mug and Kalita Kantan

We have a couple of new items in store and online that we're super excited about. First, we've brought in some custom branded diner mugs that are everything you'd want in a classic coffee mug. Weighing in at 500g, it is solid as a rock (it's actually porcelain) and a classic diner mug shape. When preheated, it holds the temperature of your coffee much longer than other mugs, and even looks great on your counter. We price these at cost for $7.50 because we want our brand in your kitchen!

kalita kantan

Sitting on top of our mug is the fantastic Kalita Kantan brewer. It is a clever flat cardboard and filter paper rig that folds into a single cup brewer. The filter holds 15g (2 tablespoons) of ground coffee, and sits on top of your cup. Simply pour your "just off the boil water" through the filter and in a couple minutes you have a super fresh pourover coffee. These are a household item in Japan, and well known for its quality of construction. They come in a package of 30 filters, and are perfect for travel, camping, cottage etc...and are even compostable! $11.00 per package

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