Caffeine for Canadian Armed Forces

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Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel represent the finest qualities of service and dedication to our Nation and to the missions with which they’ve been tasked. Many of these missions require long periods of time away from friends and family, deployed in far distant locations in the service of Canada.


CAF*FEINE is a patriotic expression of our admiration and appreciation for the sacrifice and determination embodied by our CAF Personnel serving abroad on deployment.

North Roast in Iraq

CAF•FEINE is a gift from North Roast Coffee and our customers to them.

There are three ways of helping us share CAF•FEINE with service members overseas.

First, we at North Roast Coffee have created a program whereby each pound of coffee purchased by our Loyalty Rewards Members creates “Points” that can be redeemed for a pound of CAF*FEINE and shipped free of charge to service members Overseas.


To participate in this program simply go to and Register for our Loyalty Rewards Program using the TAB at the bottom of each page.


When you have accumulated 1000 Points, you can redeem them for a pound of CAF*FEINE by selecting "Donate to CAF Member Overseas" and then "Ship to CAF Personnel Overseas" for your shipping option and we will ship it free of charge.

*Existing Loyalty Rewards Members can also choose to use their POINTS to support this project.


Second, we've placed a form at the bottom of this page where Loyalty Rewards Members can donate some or all of their points balance towards this project. Even if you don't have enough points for a full pound of CAF•FEINE, you can still donate and make a difference to a deployed Soldier.


The last way to donate is to purchase a pound of CAF•FEINE either online or at our Roastery in Kingston, choose "Ship to CAF Personnel Overseas" for your shipping method and with the help of the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre, deserving CAF members serving Overseas will receive your coffee gift.


We've been working on this idea for over nine months now and are very excited to finally launch it. I know there are tens of thousands of Canadians who are serving in the CAF or have friends and family who are. This project is intended to help Canadians show their support for our men and women in the CAF who carry the heavy loads Canada demands of them.



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