Coffee Subscription

For a limited time every new yearly subscription for 5 lbs of coffee per month will receive a FREE 12 oz can of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee with your first order!  Yes, a $59.00 can of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Free with a new 5lb/month yearly subscription.  

We offer an easy and reliable coffee subscription service where you are in control of all aspects.  Even after you've purchased your subscription and received deliveries, you can change the type of coffee, the frequency, delay the order, increase/decrease the order or cancel at any time.  All orders over $50 enjoy free delivery anywhere in Canada, and any order in Kingston is free delivery no matter what the order.  Even better still, when you select a subscription, you receive an automatic 10% discount on every order!!!  Simply select your favourite coffee from the "SHOP" drop down menu at the top of our webpage and you'll be presented with the opportunity to create a subscription.