Coffeeco Shipping Container Espresso BarCoffeeco Cappuccino Bar


We offer a one of a kind experience among Kingston Coffee Shops.  Step inside our Roastery on Progress Avenue in Kingston and your senses will immediately be engaged by a wall of intense coffee aroma.  Take a few steps inside and you can examine many of our green coffee bags stacked on pallets.  These are the same coffees you can purchase by the pound or by the cup.  

To your left is our Coffeeco Espresso Bar built inside a shipping container.  We serve the freshest espresso shots and perfectly poured cappuccinos using local organic milk and of course our fresh fair trade organic coffee.  For your comfort and convenience we have a custom made community table to linger over your coffee or arrange a meeting with a colleague at the most authentic coffee experience in Kingston.  

Hours:  Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm

             Saturday  10 am - 2 pm