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Cold Brew Coffee Cheat Sheet

Cold Brew Coffee Cheat Sheet

Cold Brew Coffee is everywhere.  Check out your grocery shelves and you'll spot overpriced canned cold brew (likely already past its stale date), commercials for cold brew on television, and high priced cold brew at your local cafe.  We've a better way.

Introducing our Cold Brew How To:  Follow these directions and you'll never go wrong.

  • Grab a bag of our special Cold Brew Blend which is already perfectly ground for cold brewing.  Directions are also printed on the back of the bag!
  • Use a 4:1 ration of clean filtered water to  ground coffee.  (100 g per litre of water)
  • Place ground coffee in French press or other vessel making sure to completely wet all grounds thoroughly...STIR
  • Place coffee on counter for 12-24 hours and cover.
  • Filter with plunger from French press or through a mesh/paper filter if using an other vessel.
  • Refrigerate and serve with cold water for iced coffee or milk for iced cappuccino.
  • Remember:  this produces a concentrate and is meant to be diluted with ice, water or milk.
  • Keep in refrigerator for up to two weeks.
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