Last Week At Kingston Centre

This is our last week of operating our Coffeeco Espresso Bar at the Kingston Centre location.  We have enjoyed 8 1/2 years of profitable operation in this busy location, but have decided that we would not be renewing our lease when it expires in 2018, and instead focus on our wholesale roasting operation.  

As mentioned in my previous post, we have agreed to sell this location to a long time employee and her husband, who will operate under the new name of "The Kingston Coffee House".  Rest assured that the new owners will continue to offer our fresh, fair trade organic coffee exclusively, and to continue to bake on site, and offer only organic milk for every drink on the menu.  All customers who have accumulated loyalty rewards points at this location can still use their Gift Cards at either Coffeeco in Market Square, Multatuli Coffee on Progress Avenue or online.  

I expect to be making an exciting announcement regarding the relocation of our Wholesale Roastery, and the creation of a Regional Centre for coffee roasting, coffee equipment, hands on coffee education and espresso training in Kingston.

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Big Changes Coming Soon

We’re making big changes!

This is our 20th year in the coffee roasting business, and we’re not content to sit still.


Back in 2008 we opened an espresso bar at the corner of Division and Johnson Street, after recognizing that no cafes in Kingston were selling proper espresso and cappuccino, and had limited interest in learning how. I’ve been active in the Specialty Coffee Association of America, as a Lead Instructor in Roasting, Cupping and Barista Techniques and felt it time to share the skills I had with the Kingston Coffee drinking public. Since we opened that store, we quickly opened a second at the Kingston Centre, and then relocated the original store to our fantastic Market Square store.

Almost 9 years later, there are many espresso bars serving nice cappuccinos and espresso, including our coffeeco espresso bars, with many of them using our coffees.

While building retail coffee stores puts you in direct contact with customers, it requires a lot of effort, day in day out, which necessarily reduces the amount of time I get to spend at the Roaster, where I like to be.


Consequently, I have decided to sell the Kingston Centre Coffeeco store to one of our long time workers and her husband, who will continue to run the location in much the same manner as customers became accustomed but with an expanded food menu. The store at the Kingston Centre will acquire a new name, but will still continue to sell and prepare our North Roast/Multatuli Coffee and serve only organic milk.  This transition will take place March 31.


We will continue to operate the Coffeeco at Market Square and focus on Roasting, Wholesale, Barista Training, and Training for home baristas at a soon to be announced 5000 Square Foot Interactive Roastery and Coffee Education Centre.


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