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How quickly will I receive my coffee?

In most cases, if you place your order for Local Delivery before 10 am Monday to Friday, you will receive your coffee the same day in most instances.  Orders placed after 10 am are delivered the next delivery day.  Our Local Delivery radius is currently 20 km from our Roastery.

Who does your Local Deliveries?

We do all of our own local deliveries in our electric car.  Some very busy days, especially Mondays, we will handle the rural deliveries using the owners vehicle in order to finish all deliveries on time.

I don't live in Kingston, how will I receive my order?

We ship via Canada Post Expedited Parcel, UPS, and Purolator.  All orders over $60 enjoy free shipping.  Most orders placed before 2 pm will receive a tracking number the same day.  Most customers receive their orders within 3 days via all courier options.

Are your coffee bags compostable?

Yes, our North Roast Coffee bags are 100% compostable and able to be placed in your green bin.

When was my coffee roasted?

We stamp the roast date on the back of every bag.

What is a Micro Lot Coffee?

Micro lot coffee are ones produced in very small quantities by individual farmers.  These coffees are typically heirloom varietals such as bourbon or typica, or have a unique processing method which makes the flavor profile unlike those coffees produced using traditional methods of processing and fermentation.

How do I know my coffee is certified Fairtrade?

We are certified members of Fairtrade Canada.  Our Fairtrade Certified coffees are packaged in our 100% compostable bags with the fairtrade logo on the front and a website address on the back where you can find more information about Fairtrade Canada.

Some of your coffees aren't Fairtrade, are they still produced ethically?

We purchase nothing but high quality 100% arabica coffee.  Coffees such as Guatemala Antigua, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Tanzania Peaberry etc are not certified Fairtrade, however, the world class character of these coffees naturally dictate a high price in the open market.  All of the coffee we roast are exceptional in their own way, and therefore command a much higher than average price on the open green coffee market.  Growers who want to continue to command high prices recognize the importance of skilled labor and traceability in order to protect their own brand.

Are your coffees certified organic?

Every coffee marked as Organic on our website is 100% certified grown under Internationally recognized organic standards.  We have all of our burlap green coffee bags set out front of our roastery where they can be viewed easily for Organic and Fairtrade Markings.  We also receive Organic Certificates for all of our Green Coffee Purchases which comply with organic standards.  We as a facility are not certified organic, a process that we had begun just before the pandemic, delayed for obvious reasons, and one which we will restart in the spring.

Who roasts your coffee?

We have been roasting coffee since 1997.  Our owner has over 27 years of roasting expertise and still roasts several days a week.  We roast on both a 12 kg and 30 kg roaster, depending on the needs of the day.

Do you ship to the USA?

Yes, we offer shipping to the USA, and just like in Canada, all orders over $60 USD ship free!

How do I sign up for Loyalty Rewards?

There is a "SIGN UP HERE" link on our Home Page where you can sign up for our Loyalty Rewards Program.  You will quickly earn points towards Discount Codes that can be used for anything on our website.

How do I use my Loyalty Rewards?

We have very recently (March 29) updated our Rewards to expand features including Redeeming Rewards at our Roastery!  We will also begin offering Birthday Rewards, Tiered Points, and the ability to use your points for free drinks at the Roastery.  We will update Redemption instructions in the next few days once the conversion is complete.

Can I set up a Subscription or Recurring Order?

Yes.  When you bring up a product page you have the option to add the product as a Subscription and you will automatically receive a 10% Discount on that, and every subsequent Recurring Order.  Note:  not all coffees are available for subscription.

How do I make changes to my Recurring Order?

Simple. Just follow this link to make changes to your Recurring Orders.  NOTE:  We have upgraded this app (March 8) to the newest version and will provide new instructions in the coming week.  

Can I use a Discount Code for a Recurring Order?

Unfortunately no.  Think of Shopify like you do your iphone or android device.  We load APPS onto our Shopify Store, just like you do on your phone.  Unfortunately, APPS don't talk to each other, and therefore the Loyalty Rewards APP isn't recognized by the Recurring Orders APP.


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